About Us

Tree Cleaning on Broadway

Bill Logan founded Urban Arborists to care for trees and shrubs where they matter most: in cities and suburbs, where they are often people's chief link to the natural world. Throughout the tri-state area, from backyard gardens in Bed-Stuy, to Manhattan townhouses, to cathedral and museum grounds, to New York City streets, to Westchester homes and estates, Urban Arborists brings the highest standards of knowledge, attention and care to the woody plants that transform lots into landscapes, yards into gardens, streets into groves.

When people ask us what we do, we say, "We do everything and anything for trees and shrubs. We plant them, we prune them, we treat and fertilize them, we design with them, we teach about them, we advise on their health and well-being, we assess the reasons for their failure, and when it is necessary, we safely remove them." We insist on this broad approach for two reasons: First, it means that we know and understand - not only from education but from first-hand experience - the whole life cycle of the plants for which we care. Second, it means that our work is varied and engaging. Like good farmers, we follow tasks from season to season and from landscape to landscape. Because we treat gardens as living beings, they pay us back with work that keeps our interest and stimulates our continual learning.

We look with our customers at the whole fabric of their gardens, their landscapes, their streets. We see where the light and the wind come from. We assess what companion plants may help or hurt a tree or shrub's resistance to antagonists. We look at the results of past care, of new construction, of any and all changes in the local landscape. We test the soils both on the spot and in the lab. We go over each tree or shrub from root to crown to see what is living with it and what may be feeding on it.

When a crew from Urban Arborists is pruning neglected trees, they do not simply follow a job sheet. They aim to make the trees as safe, as healthy and as beautiful as they can possibly be. As one client wrote, "My wife and I work at home. We tried to ignore the pruning, but in the end we stopped even pretending to work while we watched your men. It was like a ballet or a circus, only in the end it brought us these beautiful trees."