What Our Clients Say About Us

Clearing Underbrush

The job your workers did in removing the big ailanthus from my backyard today was really exemplary. Not only were they wonderfully competent in their jobs, but they were also very professional in their conduct, very thorough in cleaning up, and very polite to all, including my neighbors. I must admit that I was very concerned about this tree and quite convinced that something would go wrong. Everything went well, and several neighbors commented on the professionalism of the team.

C.P., Manhattan

Your guys just left after pruning our street tree and the trees in our garden. I have to tell you that they have done the best job that we have ever had done on these trees. The job is truly professional and the trees look the best they ever have.

R.D., Manhattan

Ed and I are delighted with our transformed backyard. We were hugely impressed by the skill and commitment of Andres and his assistant. In our view they were heroic in their approach to tree pruning and clearing. After I got over my fear of imminent disaster, I really enjoyed the show.

G.M., Manhattan

I appreciate tremendously the thoroughness and professionalism of your report, and I wanted to thank you for the time that you spent assessing the tree and providing advice to a degree beyond that which we have previously had in the 23 years we have been in this house.

E.L., Westchester

I must thank you for the incredible job performed by your very talented crew. My clients are thrilled, and so am I.

I’m happy to tell you the truck arrived on time, and your superb foreman proceeded immediately to organize this rather large and complex job, coordinating the work at several homes simultaneously. Included were both the pruning and the insecticidal treatment of a variety of trees and shrubs.

I was especially impressed with the artistry of the men who did the pruning – who clearly were born with the talent to see these plants as the living sculptures they should be. They moved swiftly and efficiently among the upper canopy of the trees, studying limbs and twigs,m and carefully selecting those portions to be removed…quite fascinating to watch!

L.Y., garden designer, New York

Wow! The new trees are amazing!

V. S., Brooklyn

Your team is remarkable. I greatly admire their intelligence, skill and courage.

G. C., Brooklyn

I just went down the hill to view the work you did yesterday, and it is glorious. It is hard to believe that so much was accomplished in one day. I wish I had been there to see something of the removal of the tree.

S. G., Bronx